Enjoy your views – and your viewing

By keeping interior temperatures more stable and controllable, SolarZone window films lessen the load on your air conditioner and cut cooling costs.

Less daytime glare

SolarZone filters out heat and cuts annoying glare by up to 83%. So you can enjoy the view from your window - all day long. SolarZone also gets rid of harsh glare on your TV or computer screen, so open the drapes and enjoy your viewing any time of day.

Protect your furnishings – and your skin

Unabated UV Light ruins furniture and fabric, and is a proven health threat. SolarZone, today’s ‘sunscreen for windows,’ can protect your skin and eyes from UV damage and prevent interior fading of furniture, wood floors, rugs and paintings.

Increase home safety

You’ll have greater peace of mind, with SolarZone window films. They improve the shatter resistance and dispersal of broken glass, so shards often adhere to the film’s adhesive, reducing clean-up time and enhancing your family’s safety.

Add daytime privacy

Reflective SolarZone films protect your family’s privacy – no one can see into your home, while you keep an unrestricted view from your windows.

Enhance or preserve the beauty of your glass

SolarZone window films come in a wide range of attractive appearances, from barely discernable e-Lite to high efficiency, sleek Cold Steel. Discuss with your Gemaire contractor which film is the right choice for you and your home.

Swift and undisruptive installation - guaranteed performance

SolarZone window film is quickly and cleanly applied to your window’s interior by trained professionals. Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, SolarZone delivers an energy-saving and aesthetic solution to upgrading the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

With beautiful, energy efficient SolarZone window films, you gain:

• Cooler temperatures
• Reduced air conditioning energy costs
• Effective glare reduction
• A higher level of comfort
• A significant reduction in fading of furniture & upholstery
• Improved exterior building aesthetics
• Enhanced glass safety
• Increased daytime privacy
WERS for film accreditation

WERS for film accreditation

SolarZone window films are tested for their energy efficiency performance under the Window Energy Rating Scheme’s WERS for Film program. View the product ratings for Hanita SolarZone film and find more information on the WERS website at