Safety Tints

It is a legal requirement to make sure that large expanses of glass/window are clearly noticeable, especially in public areas or corporate buildings. Employers are required by law to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of staff and public alike by using window tinting that is safe.

Safety marks, safety line, safety window tinting or visual indicators on glazing under the AS-1428 Australia Standards

Where there is no chair rail, handrail or transom, all frameless or fully glazed doors, sidelights, including any glazing capable of being mistaken for a doorway or opening, shall be clearly marked for their full width with a solid contrasting line. The contrasting line shall be not less than 75 mm wide and shall extend across the full width of the glazing panel. The lower edge of the contrasting line shall be located between 900 mm and 1000 mm above the plane of the finished floor level.

Any contrasting line on glazing shall provide a minimum of 30% luminance contrast when viewed against the floor surface or surfaces within 2 meter of the glazing on the opposite side.

Critical locations include unframed glazing, glazing that is more than 40cm wide, glazed doors and windows without mullions, transoms or large handles, or large areas of glazing that would appear to open.

This application is highly recommended for the home in large sliding doors and glass balconies to protect your loved ones from what could be a fatal accident.