Enjoy a Cooler, Comfortable, more Energy Efficient Home

Residential Window tintingResidential Window Tinting is a growing necessity and asset to your home because of its ability to protect your investments, to lower your utility bills, and most of all, protect your loved ones.

Simply by applying window tinting that rejects heat and insulates the glass, you can save significantly on your utility bills by reducing your energy consumption and keeping your interior temperatures more controllable and stable.

UV rays have demonstrated damaging effects on your health as well as destroying your interior furnishings and artwork. Residential window tinting block on average 99.9% on the UV light entering into your home, creating a safe atmosphere for your belongings and loved ones.

An increasing amount of homeowners are interested in doing their part in preserving the environment and saving money.  Your home is one of your most important purchases, and with the leading films in the industry, Tint Technology will work with you to reduce your carbon footprint, lower your utility bills, and protect your home and family.  All without sacrificing style or view.

Your windows are an important part of your home’s beauty. Unfortunately, the sun blazing through them day after day causes heat to build up and excess fading of fabric and woodwork in your house.  Invest in the best home window tinting protection available. Window blinds can help, but sometimes blinds don’t cut it. That’s where we come in.

Window film is now officially among the list of "green products" which save energy, money, and protect your assests from vandalism and theft.

At Tint Technology, we recommend window tinting for added privacy, energy efficiency and safety.

Window films available in many colours and shades as well as custom cut frosting and etched look film. 

Consider these facts:

There is compelling evidence out there to suggest that window films provide some noticeable benefits to the consumer.