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Paint Protection Film - Suntek - Coming Soon...

Invisible protection and why you need it

SunTek Paint Protection Film utilises revolutionary new technology to protect one of your biggest investments, A tough barrier providing invisible protection for your vehicle from stone chips, scratches, scuffs, insect stains and other road debris.

This stretchable and long-lasting film is moulded to the high impact areas of your car, keeping it looking brand new for longer.


  • ✓ A tough barrier to eliminate damage caused by rocks, insects, salt and other road debris
  • ✓ A proprietary self healing top coat – your scratches and chips disappear with engine or sun’s heat
  • ✓ Nano-technology construction to create a strong solvent-resistant barrier
  • ✓ High gloss top coat to match your pristine paint finish
  • ✓ Superior optical clarity for invisible protection
  • ✓ Can be easily removed at any stage, helping to improve the resale of your vehicle in the future

Care Instructions

Following an initial 3 day period, washing and waxing your car can be resumed as per your normal routine. In fact, it is recommended you wash your car more frequently; at least once a month. Do not use powder based or abrasive cleaners (including pressure cleaners). For further details please see our Warranty leaflet.


SunTek Paint Protection Film is backed by a 5 year nation-wide warranty covering bubbling, cracking and yellowing. For more information please see our Warranty leaflet.


SunTek’s Paint Protection Film can be easily removed at any stage by a professional installer without causing any damage to your original paint finish.