Natural Disaster Safety

Ensuring safety at the time of natural disaster

If your home is hit by a violent storm or similar natural disaster a tinted glass pane would prevent glass shards from flying around and causing injury and damages to humans and property. Home window Tinting would also protect your loved ones and you from missiles and projectiles hitting your panes from outside.
The adhesive done by home window tinting Dandenong services holds broken pieces of glass together. In this same way, window tinting comes in handy during extreme weather events. Debris from damaging winds normally flies through windows with ease. Window tinting can aid in keeping unwanted fragments out of your home while protecting your loved ones from flying shards of broken glass.
The tinted film acts as a protective shield, and would save you many a trouble and unnecessary costs.
It is always advisable to be certain of the material that a supplier is offering you and then compare it with the standards that are required to be met prior to handing over the job of having your glass panes tinted. The reputation of the supplier in the marketplace has to be researched and you must be properly informed of the warranties that are on offer.

Other benefits of windo tinting include:


Your house is your lifelong purchase and quality home window tinting is one of the best customizations you can make to increase its look and value. Not only does window tinting create a sleek elegant appearance, but it also protects your interior upholstery from fading. Most importantly, window film screens out the sun’s dangerous UV rays, scorching heat, and blinding glare creating an overall healthier interior environment for you and your family.


Because tinted windows are laminated with an adhesive film, if they break for any reason –burglars, etc. – the window film will hold the glass shards in place.


Tinted windows can also deter thieves by limiting the view of accessories and personal items inside your house.

Your home is one of your most important purchases, and with the leading films in the industry, Home Window Tinting Dandenong services of Tint Technology will work with you to reduce your carbon footprint, lower your utility bills, and protect your home and family